The members of Edmund Barton Chambers have expertise in a broad range of civil, criminal and commercial law, and appear in courts and tribunals in all jurisdictions in Australia. Members have a reputation for practical and pragmatic advice, as well as staunch, skillful advocacy.

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History of Edmund Barton Chambers

Chambers is named after Sir Edmund Barton (born 18 January 1849 - died 7 January 1920), Australia's first Prime Minister and one of the inaugural members of the High Court of Australia. He is best remembered as a leader of the federal movement in the 1890's.

The principal building is located at 72 Wright Street, Adelaide, in a heritage listed sandstone building which was once a Chapel and shelter for one of South Australia’s oldest benevolent societies.

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Former Members of Chambers

The Hon. Chief Justice C Kourakis, Chief Justice Supreme Court of South Australia, Member: 1990-2003

The Hon. Justice K Nicholson, Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia, Member: 1997

His Honour Judge T Heffernan, Judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Member: 2010-2015

His Honour Judge P Rice, Judge of the District Court of South Australia, Member: 1989-1998

His Honour Judge P Cuthbertson, Judge of the District Court of South Australia, Member: 1987-2009

Her Honour Judge R Davey, Judge of the District Court of South Australia, Member: 1998-2007

His Honour Judge S Tilmouth, Judge of the District Court of South Australia, Member: 1989-2005

His Honour Judge M Boylan, Judge of the District Court of South Australia, Member: 1990-2004

His Honour Judge B Beazley, Judge of the District Court of South Australia, Member: 1992-2004

Her Honour Judge S David, Judge of the District Court of South Australia, Member: 2003-2009

Master M Rice, Master of the District Court of South Australia, Member: 1989-1994

Mr A Schapel, Deputy State Coroner, Member: 2001-2005

Mr M Griffin QC, Former Judge of the District Court of South Australia, Member: 1996-1997

Mrs M Shaw QC, Former Judge of the District Court of South Australia, Member: 1989-2004

Mr D Greenwell, Member: 1987-1996

Mr D Haines QC, Member: 1987-2005, 2009-2013

Mr N Rochow SC, Member: 1989-1992

Mr W Boucaut SC, Member: 1989-2010

Mr D Chapman, Member: 1994-1997

Mr J Hyde, Member: 1996-2002

Ms A Macdonald, Member: 1996-2013

Mr B Jenner, Member: 1998-2003

Mr M Ward, Member: 1999-2001

Mr E Jolly, Member: 1999-2005

Mr M Livesey QC, Member: 2000-2003

Mr M Hoffman QC, Member: 2002-2003

Mr T Duggan SC, Member: 2004-2012

Ms L Chapman SC, Member: 2005-2008

Mr D Blight SC, Member: 2005-2014

Ms J Deuter, Member: 2005-2006

Mr M O’Loughlin, Member: 2006-2010

Mr A Durkin, Member: 2006-2012

Mr G King, Member: 2008-2011

Mr M Manetta, Member: 2009-2012

Mr Nicholas Floreani, Member: 2008-2016

Mr Ian Thomas, Member: 2014-2016

Mr Scott Evans, Member:  2015-2017

Ms Holly Stanley, Member: 2017

Ms Dominique Hogan-Doran SC, Member:  2016-2017

Mr Patrick O'Sullivan QC, Member:  1997-2018

Mr Simon Ower SC, Member 2002-2018